Since the late seventies we keep a constant bet: to offer the highest quality service to our customers, which has its translation to a high professional specialization and perfection and speed with the work done. We bear in mind that this can only be achieved with a human team with personal and professional quality standards, and within the use of the most advanced technology and information means.
We have also learned that to find ourselves in a position to face the challenge of living up to our customers and their needs, we must have a constant professional updating. Our firm has grown from that which belonged to an agricultural society, being " family lawyers" of our clients, to be a law firm composed of specialized professional teams with different degrees, able to cope with the demands of business society today, without forgetting personal counseling.
Twenty years ago we had it clear and we are committed to keep and increase the qualities of both ways of understanding our profession, which are summarized in the customers attention as personalized as possible, with the support of a great team of professionals. This is our formula.
Our aim, to make true our legend: prevent, by timely advice; conciliate, obtaining satisfactory agreements, and in any case always resolve. No decision making is the only true mistake.

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